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    • Empower Your Natural Talents and Capabilities!
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    The Awesome-Leaders Club is a service program of educational, developmental, practical solutions which use proven techniques, blended materials and action-based methods designed to meet your needs for personal growth, professional enhancement and career advancement.

    In the Club, you now have a 'virtual' yet robust set of powerful educational resources helping you ascend from the elementary to intermediate and advanced levels of leadership skills - the Club enables you to climb all the way up to the highest plateau of leadership practice.

    Previously, getting leadership skills training, developing your organization or planning a business strategy, obtaining leadership coaching or mentoring services and improving your executive or management performance and behaviors involved costly, slow, inefficient processes.

    Now, you have our courses, workshops and multimedia program materials to cultivate, nurture and enrich your leadership talents as much as you desire - then use our tutoring support, coaching follow-ups & progress tracking tools to apply, practice and master new concepts in your 'real-world' situations and challenges

    So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" performance guarantee, your $$$ worth of great subjects, free services & gifts [valued at more than $15000+ per year] and your cost-effective, highest-returns membership. . Join the Awesome Leaders, today!

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    leadership skills training course - guarantee

    If after putting our lessons or advice into practice, you feel that the Awesome Leaders program has failed to help you grow into and act or behave like an effective, nurturing, inspirational leader, we will immediately  refund your investment back to you. 

    Why do we have such a STRONG guarantee?

    Because you will see benefits as soon as you start putting your new learning to work. Of course, it will take time and patience for you to realize the full potential of this truly unique, extraordinary leadership training, coaching, mentoring and skills development program.

    While no one can promise you quick fixes, we do believe the permanent changes you experience through this COMPREHENSIVE program will positively improve your life forever.

    What's in this "Awesome" Program?
    What do you get?

    The Awesome-Leaders Club contains written, Audio and Video Tutorials, Action-Guide Worksheets, Mind/Concept/Process Maps and step-by-step Handbooks, you get Software Tools for organizing your schedules, research projects, plans, new creations or proposals as well as your other priorities and tasks, AND of course, the Awesome-Leaders Club features Webinars, Teleseminars/Teleclasses, one-on-one Coaching, Mentoring, personal Tutoring and Online Workshop sessions to help you learn, practice and master the hundreds and thousands of proven best practices, world-class expertise, practical ideas,  useful strategies and tools you need to become and remain a successful, innovative, inspirational, impactful leader!

    The Awesome Leaders Club will help you learn, apply and master these skills and acquire practical knowledge about these subjects...

    Evaluate Situational Needs & Problems

    Decision Analysis

    Conflict Resolution Methods

    Problem Solving

    Decision Making Strategies

    Contextual Analysis & Scenario Planning
    Public speaking

    Presentation strategies

    Effective writing

    Negotiation strategy(s)

    Interviewing techniques

    Influence and Persuasion
    Sales strategies

    Selling techniques

    Effective customer service techniques

    Managing client relationships

    Foundations & Principles of Marketing
    Team Building & Formation exercises

    Team Leadership & Supervision

    Leading Self-managed Teams

    Reducing & Resolving Team Conflicts

    Inspiring Teamwork & Collaboration

    Leading Project Team Meetings
    Effective Teaching & Training Methods

    How to Coach & Mentor Employees

    How to Assess, Measure & Evaluate Training Programs

    Using Self-directed Learning Skills to Increase & Improve Your Abilities
    Developing Practical Taxonomies

    How to Plan/Conduct Knowledge Valuations & Knowledge Management Strategies

    Knowledge Engineering Principles & Concepts

    Information/Knowledge Mapping & Modeling Techniques
    How to Design, Assess, Engineer & Manage
    • Business processes
    • Workflows
    • Supply Chains
    • New Technology Implementations
    • Technology Migrations & Upgrades
    • Product Development Projects
    • New Project & Business Development Proposals
    Analyze Organizational Behaviors

    Principles & Frameworks of Organizational Development

    Building Effective External Networks

    Establishing Robust Internal Networks

    Leading Total Quality Initiatives in a Production Environment

    Leading Service-Quality Improvements in Knowledge Organizations
    Guidelines & Concepts for Human Capital Improvement Programs

    Leading A Human Capital Development Campaign

    Assessing & Evaluating Your Human Capital Assets

    Leading Organizational Strategic (Re-)Alignments

    Essentials for Aligning HR & IT Groups to the Organization's Strategy
    Designing Effective Research Projects

    Competitive Intelligence Data-gathering Strategies & Methods

    Profitable Marketing Research Techniques

    How to Perform Literature Reviews

    Cost-Effective Internet Research Tools and Methods

    Boost Your Reading Speed & Improve Your Comprehension
    Leading the Entrepreneurial Enterprise

    Leading the Non-Profit Organization

    Implementing & Leading a Sustainable Development Campaign

    Leading Major Organizational Change & Transformation Programs

    Understanding & Leading Organizational Ecosystems through Evolutions
    Creative Leadership Techniques

    Innovative Leadership Strategies

    Conducting & Leading Effective Brainstorming Sessions

    Creating Powerful Vision, Charter & Mission Statements

    Leading New Technology & Product Innovation Initiatives

    Create & Promote a Company Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Develop & Apply Your Knowledge of the Concepts, Objectives & Practice of
    • tactics & tactical planning  
    • competitive strategies
    • strategic leadership
    • strategic mind-sets
    • value-based strategy
    • strategic planning processes
    • strategic planning workshops
    • strategic planning training  
    • strategic implementation
    • strategic management  
    • swot analysis
    • strategic execution
    Practice & Master the 21 Dynamic Activities of Effective Leadership

    Optimize Your Resources, Maximize Your Contributions & Prioritize Your Focus Like Successful Executives Do

    Use the 3 Imperatives of Managing for Results to Keep Project Deliverables On-Time, On-Target & On-Budget

    Develop Your Foundation of Strength using Your Values, Attitude & Purpose

    Unleash the Awesome Power Source of Wisdom, Knowledge & Guidance
    Learn How to Apply the Seven Critical Priority Areas of Today's Leadership Agenda to Enrich Your Organization

    Employ Leadership Work Patterns To Evaluate, Energize & Encourage Your People to Higher Levels of Performance

    How to Use the Mechanics, Systems & Channels of Leadership Energy to Boost Productive Capacities in Organizations

    Adopting the Correct Leadership Style to Inspire, Coach, Direct or Educate

    Align Organizational Values with those of Employees, Clients & Suppliers

    In a word, we designed the Awesome Leaders Club to...
    • Communicate with you - using web & audio conferences; text & video chat rooms; discussion forums; video & audio programs podcasting, and video blogs & text blogs
    • Entertain and maintain your interest - through video & audio tutorials; video & audio interivews; video & audio programs [using web-based & online TV or Radio shows & Infomercial formats]
    • Educate you and develop your competence - by providing you with web-based & phone seminars [webinars], workshops, tutoring, mentoring and  coaching sessions, using downloadable books, papers, reports, bulletins, manuals and action guides, and online symposiums & conferences
    • Perform Research, conduct Surveys and Publish results - in global trends or emerging patterns, best practices, news summaries & case studies, literature reviews, about  markets or industry niches, buyer & consumer preferences, new products & services offerings or developments,
    How Does This Program Work?

    Every time you login to your Members' site you will discover new informative articles, bulletins, reports and updates on emerging trends, the latest news and developments and lterature reviews, plus every week you will download the Club's free books, our recently released tools and training materials along with extra-special bargins on package offers especially designed for today's knowledge professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and executive leaders in these 10 critical areas;

    1. Leadership, Governance, Management & Supervision
    2. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity & Marketing
    3. Knowledge Technologies, Computers & Software Applications
    4. Self-Improvement & Personal Leadership
    5. World Political, Environmental & Cultural Issues
    6. Financial, Investments, Legal & Consumer Resources
    7. Health, Nutrition, Medical & Fitness
    8. Relationships, Lifestyles, Family and Entertainment/Leisure
    9. Career & Professional Development Advice
    10. Spiritual Matters & Faith/Beliefs

    When you access the Club's web-based Answer Center Sections, you'll have an opportunity to:

    • Join live Chat Room [group & private Coaching Clinic] sessions and lively Community Discussion Forums - link-up with your peers in other organizations and professions, share experiences and get hours of online support & expertise every week
    • Read special feature articles, white papers, eBooks, audio/video Tutorials, research Reports and executive Briefings - to expand and strengthen your knowledge and support you as you lead, manage and direct your organization's activities
    • Listen to informative online broadcasts - you get up-to-the-minute news and our special alerts
    • Enroll in our live or recorded Webinars and interactive Workshops - to help you learn and acquire specific skills and best leadership practices you need to grow
    • Save your precious time and energy by working in our exclusive Leadership Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC] - which contains software, resources, repository of letter, legal/corporate, website & PDF/Word templates, task and time management tools, calendar event scheduling features and assignment tracking programs, simple-to-use database forms for executive or professional users and full-featured network of online office programs and your private email services

    Choose From Three Levels of Membership

    • Silver Subscribers - Monthly Access to any Scheduled or recorded Webinars for $49.95, 2 eBook downloads, 2 Open Group Coaching Clinics, 2 online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, and get a 25% discount on all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops and get NO access to PERC facilities
    • Gold Subscribers - Monthly Access to any Scheduled or recorded Webinars for $39.95, 4 eBook downloads, ALL Open Group Coaching Clinics, 2-15 minute phone or chat Private Coaching sessions, 4-5 online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, and get a 50% or more discount on all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops and you get access to ALL PERC facilities for $49.95
    • Platinum Subscribers - Monthly Access to Any 2 Scheduled or recorded Webinars, ALL eBook downloads,  ALL Open Group Coaching Clinics, ALL online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, FREE access to ALL PERC facilities, you get up to 5 weekly free 15-minute phone, web or chat one-on-one Private Coaching sessions and Platinum Subscribers enjoy a 75+% discount or pay only $1-$7 for most of these items or in some cases you will get FREE access to all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops

    When Can You Join?

    On November 1, 2007, we officially launched the Awesome Leaders Club service - we decided to entice, encourage and reward our Premier (first-year) Subscribers with these outstanding trial offers

    - $39.95 for a 30-day Silver Subscriber trial; (You Save $10)
    - $69 for a 30-day Gold Subscriber trial (Save a Cool $10)
    - $97 for a 30-day Platinum Subscriber trial (A Savings of $52!)

    and if you choose to continue your Membership, your monthly subscription will be $49.95 for Silver Subscribers, $79 for Gold Subscribers and only $149 for Platinum Subscribers

    How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Discover, Use, Practice And Master The Legendary Skills Of Awesome Leaders"? - Well Now, It's All Up To You!

    If you want to be that envisioning, creative, flexible leader who exhibits a positive "can-do" mental attitude, who works in a spirit of harmony with others, and who also strives to help people become competent, highly effective assets and quality-focused contributors to your organization's success, then The Awesome-Leaders Club is the right choice for you.

    Become the leader that you always dreamed and knew you could be - it's up to you, so act now and grow rich, today!

    Decide Today - use our unique leadership training system to develop, elevate, empower & transform yourself into the "awesome leader" you were meant to be!

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    Mustard Seed Investments, Inc.
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    The Leadership-Edge

    P.S. The Awesome-Leaders Club is a set of  tools which employ proven training techniques so that you can use the 'toolkit' as your personal treasure chest for continuous growth and enhancement for your leadership training needs.

    Now you have a 'virtual' educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development.

    Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process.

    Now, you can learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.

    So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your $$$ worth of great educational materials, tools and programs [valued at $15000+] and low price of just a daily cup of coffee.

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    Discover Three Ways To Catch BIG Success!


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    The Albany State University West Campus Ballroom was abuzz with noise early Thursday morning.

    In effort to curb hazing, new Citadel president changes 'fourth-class' discipline system  Charleston Post Courier

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    Common Ground brings leadership training and civility – The Crow's Nest  The Crow's Nest

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    Executive training is going to the dogs — guide dogs, that is  Seattle Times

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    Nonprofit leaders graduate from training | News  Star Local Media

    For the past 10 years, the United Way of Denton County (UWDC) has equipped area nonprofit leaders with the skills to take their groups to the next level.

    James River Association adds Lynchburg chapter to leadership academy  Lynchburg News and Advance

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    New IS chief emerges amid loss of leadership in Philippines - Asean Plus  The Star Online

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    MLB announces pitch clocks will be used in spring training

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    Northern Colorado Women in Business to host leadership workshop in Greeley  Greeley Tribune

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    Seahawks Announce Changes To Strength & Conditioning And Athletic Training Staffs; Add Two Offensive Coaches

    The Seahawks made changes to their strength & conditioning and athletic training staffs, and also added two new assistant coaches on offense.

    Add Ben Zobrist to the Cubs 2019 leadership committee

    Ben Zobrist has always been a lead-by-example type, but the Cubs are challenging him to be more vocal in the clubhouse in 2019 and he's embracing the task.

    PHOTOS | Boy Scouts of America hosts leadership training at SIUE  The Edwardsville Intelligencer

    EDWARDSVILLE — The Greater St. Louis Area Council for the Boys Scouts of America hosted its annual University of Scouting event at Southern Illinois ...

    Dogs are teaching humans to be better bosses in this training program  Detroit Free Press

    Leader Dogs for the Blind's executive training program uses blindfolds and guide dogs to impart important leadership skills to make better bosses.

    Alaska National Guard senior enlisted leader, state command chaplain continue commitment to professional development training  DVIDS

    JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska — The Alaska National Guard hosted a Transformational Leadership Summit for senior non-commissioned ...

    Clayton Couty Public Schools starting new Leadership Academy

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    Leadership training opportunity for students coming up  KCAU 9

    High school and college students have the chance to attend a leadership training event.

    Training to avoid co-op meltdown cases slated in Minot, West...  AG Week

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    Civic leader and philanthropist Betty Chapman, widow of Miami media giant, dies at 98  Miami Herald

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    HempStaff, an Industry Leader in Cannabis Recruiting and Training, Adds Affiliate Program to Help Cannabis Consultants and Businesses Earn Additional Revenue  PRNewswire

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    Poll: Kentucky voters dislike bill allowing concealed guns with no permit, training  Lexington Herald Leader

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    Primary care MDs often overworked, dissatisfied, burned out  The CT Mirror

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    Nigerian Air Force leadership visits Columbus AFB, views pilot trainin  Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

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    One Simple Thing HR Can Do Right Now For Gender Parity  Forbes

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    CUJ hosts VC's meet on Academic leadership training in Higher Education  The Kashmir Images Newspaper

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    Executive Leadership Academy gives African Americans training for C-Suite Level positions  New Pittsburgh Courier

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    Law firm Anderson Strathern appoints six directors for leadership training drive

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    January Open for Business: The Value of Leadership Training

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    Africa: LEAP Africa Facilitates Transformative Leadership Training Programme Under the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program

    Press Release - A three-day residential training programme for Teacher Mentors has from February 5-7 been organized by LEAP Africa in collaboration with ...

    NAACP, educational leaders say Granite State teachers need more training on diversity  The Union Leader

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    Uzbekistan military leaders enjoy Gulf Coast nature while in town training  WLOX

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    San Diego County teachers are already trained on school shooting drills and identifying sex trafficking victims. Now, they may be tasked with learning to revive ...

    How to negotiate through leadership and influence pt2  Training Journal

    Denise Jeffrey concludes her piece about how the behaviour of your negotiation counterparts can give you valuable clues about what's driving them.

    CUJ hosts four-day VC's meet on Academic leadership training in Higher Education  5 Dariya News

    Advisor to Governor, Kewal Krishan Sharma today underlined the importance of capacity building to hone the knowledge and skill of the students so that they ...

    The UNRWA young women leaders programme provides training on the right to work - occupied Palestinian territory  ReliefWeb

    English News and Press Release on occupied Palestinian territory about Recovery and Reconstruction and Women; published on 06 Feb 2019 by UNRWA.

    Millennials soon to have power to force workplace changes, executive coach says

    Experts point to the increasing dominance of the millennial generation as a major shift in the workplace.

    Training introduced to help faith leaders support their communities  GOV.UK

    Over 300 faith leaders will benefit from new training to support their leading roles within communities, Faith Minister Lord Bourne today (8 February 2019) ...

    'Why Teens Kill': Nationally known teen violence expert shares message with local leaders

    MOUNT VERNON – On Wednesday, a man who has appeared on A&E, Spike, and Fox News – who has been profiled by Newsweek Magazine and who has ...

    GM Kevin Colbert calls Ben Roethlisberger unquestioned leader of Steelers  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    Throughout his somewhat diplomatic words on Antonio Brown, Kevin Colbert turned unusually assertive when he spoke about another Steelers star player.

    Central student-athlete leaders travel to Virginia training institute  KNIA / KRLS Radio

    Four members of Central College's Student-Athlete Advisory Council participated in the Athletic Prevention Programming and Leadership Education Training ...

    For Women in Cannabis, The Industry Remains a Harassment-Filled Boys Club  Weedmaps News

    The cannabis industry has helped many women make their dreams a reality, allowing them more leadership roles than in other industries with longer-standing ...

    How To Engineer A Successful Career And Life  Forbes

    Be your own advocate. It's not a single piece of advice that I received, it's a combination of what I learned from my parents and mentors throughout my career.

    Angels add another two-way player for spring training  Lexington Herald Leader

    The Los Angeles Angels seem intent on cornering the market on two-way players.

    Circles of the Heartland offering leader training class  Salina Post

    Want to help people in poverty build their resources for a more prosperous life? Circles of the Heartland is offering a new Circle Leader training class on March ...

    Multi-million pound research and training centre to shape the MINDS of future AI leaders  University of Southampton

    The University of Southampton is set to spearhead the next generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovators as part of a £100m investment from UK Research ...

    Breaking Bias: Everyone benefits from growing diversity in healthcare leadership

    When I started my healthcare career as a critical-care nurse decades ago, I was often one of a few men at the bedside. Back then, frontline positions—the ...

    'Dallas is heading toward a reckoning': Nonprofit boss wonders if we are doing it all wrong  Dallas News

    After 20 years in the business of helping vulnerable Dallas children succeed, Michelle Kinder will leave the Momentous Institute this month. But...

    Michael Bradley continues to provide leadership on, off field for USMNT  Pro Soccer USA

    With more caps earned than the rest of the squad combined, Michael Bradley provides leadership to the next generation of U.S. Soccer national team players.

    Help support essential Biblical training for leaders in former Soviet Union  Mission Network News

    In the past, we have shared about the ministries Slavic Gospel Association supports. But, we rarely talk about the ministry's most important work...

    Leaders continue to be idealistic with the Iranian regime ǀ View  Euronews English

    European leaders seem blind to reality in pursuit of idealistic goals, labouring under the false hope that Iran will moderate its behaviour in return for economic ...

    SBA Houston Opens Applications For 2019 Emerging Leaders Training  Houston, TX Patch

    Applications Open For Emerging Leaders Training - Houston, TX - Each participating entrepreneur will learn immediate ways to improve their business and will ...

    How China's Navy Is Preparing to Fight America if War Comes  The National Interest Online

    Beijing has long struggled with unrealistic training not suitable for combat — now that's changing.

    Wildfire training to take place in Galeton | Potter Leader-Enterprise  The Wellsboro Gazette

    Brian L. Plume, forest fire specialist supervisor, will coordinate a wildfire training at the Goodyear Hose Company at 87 Sherman St., Galeton.

    Government training programme to 'empower' Britain's faith leaders  ChristianToday

    A new training programme is being rolled out by the Government to 'empower' Britain's faith leaders in meeting the changing needs of their congregations.

    National Leader In Manufacturer Highlights Need For Workers, Immigration During Iowa Visit  Iowa Public Radio

    The head of a U.S. manufacturing group highlighted the need for workers and immigration reform during a visit to Iowa.

    Civica partners with University of Bath to back training of next generation of #AI leaders  FE News

    Leading one of 16 new Centres for Doctoral Training, the university will train a new generation of experts in accountable, responsible and transparent artificial ...

    Education news from around Idaho  Idaho EdNews

    A Hailey athletic director earns a national certification, grants are open for preschool expansion plans and some Idaho students are getting ready to showcase ...

    Authors, mothers and teachers: Meet the speakers for Ignite Education Lab 2019  Seattle Times

    Meet the lineup of speakers and grab your tickets for a night of great education stories on March 11.

    National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) Announces First Ever Law Enforcement Leadership Symposium  Officer

    Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 2019) – The National Tactical Officers Association(NTOA) is pleased to announce its first ever Law Enforcement Leadership ...

    PMA training ground for future leaders

    By Liza Agoot/PNA. Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy. (PNA File photo). BAGUIO CITY — The Philippine Military Academy (PMA) has proven that the ...

    AL West teams at the start of spring training  Lexington Herald Leader

    A team-by-team look at the American League West entering spring training, including key players each club acquired and lost, and dates of the first workout for ...

    Parent training offered | News, Sports, Jobs  Martins Ferry Times Leader

    ST. CLAIRSVILLE — This March, the juvenile courts of Belmont and Harrison counties will train parents of delinquent children to deal with some of the issues t.

    'Belongs in a museum': Greta Thunberg condemns politician against school strike  The Guardian

    Swedish student responds to NSW education minister's threat to punish students who participate in school climate strike.

    US steps up winter-warfare training as global threat shifts  Associated Press

    MARINE MOUNTAIN WARFARE TRAINING CENTER, Calif. (AP) — Hunkered down behind a wall of snow, two U.S. Marines melt slush to make drinking water ...

    Active-shooter training coming to Bear Creek charter school  Wilkes Barre Times-Leader

    BEAR CREEK TWP. — The days of hunkering down in a locked room when a gunman enters a school have faded, replaced with a flexible response notion of ...


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