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  • Enhance Your Leadership Strategies, Networks, Agendas and Processes

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The Awesome-Leaders Club is a service program of educational, developmental, practical solutions which use proven techniques, blended materials and action-based methods designed to meet your needs for personal growth, professional enhancement and career advancement.

In the Club, you now have a 'virtual' yet robust set of powerful educational resources helping you ascend from the elementary to intermediate and advanced levels of leadership skills - the Club enables you to climb all the way up to the highest plateau of leadership practice.

Previously, getting leadership skills training, developing your organization or planning a business strategy, obtaining leadership coaching or mentoring services and improving your executive or management performance and behaviors involved costly, slow, inefficient processes.

Now, you have our courses, workshops and multimedia program materials to cultivate, nurture and enrich your leadership talents as much as you desire - then use our tutoring support, coaching follow-ups & progress tracking tools to apply, practice and master new concepts in your 'real-world' situations and challenges

So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" performance guarantee, your $$$ worth of great subjects, free services & gifts [valued at more than $15000+ per year] and your cost-effective, highest-returns membership. Join the Awesome Leaders, today!

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leadership skills training course - guarantee

If after putting our lessons or advice into practice, you feel that the Awesome Leaders program has failed to help you grow into and act or behave like an effective, nurturing, inspirational leader, we will immediately  refund your investment back to you. 

Why do we have such a STRONG guarantee?

Because you will see benefits as soon as you start putting your new learning to work. Of course, it will take time and patience for you to realize the full potential of this truly unique, extraordinary leadership training, coaching, mentoring and skills development program.

While no one can promise you quick fixes, we do believe the permanent changes you experience through this COMPREHENSIVE program will positively improve your life forever.

What's in this "Awesome" Program?
What do you get?

The Awesome-Leaders Club contains written, Audio and Video Tutorials, Action-Guide Worksheets, Mind/Concept/Process Maps and step-by-step Handbooks, you get Software Tools for organizing your schedules, research projects, plans, new creations or proposals as well as your other priorities and tasks, AND of course, the Awesome-Leaders Club features Webinars, Teleseminars/Teleclasses, one-on-one Coaching, Mentoring, personal Tutoring and Online Workshop sessions to help you learn, practice and master the hundreds and thousands of proven best practices, world-class expertise, practical ideas,  useful strategies and tools you need to become and remain a successful, innovative, inspirational, impactful leader!

The Awesome Leaders Club will help you learn, apply and master these skills and acquire practical knowledge about these subjects...

Evaluate Situational Needs & Problems

Decision Analysis

Conflict Resolution Methods

Problem Solving

Decision Making Strategies

Contextual Analysis & Scenario Planning
Public speaking

Presentation strategies

Effective writing

Negotiation strategy(s)

Interviewing techniques

Influence and Persuasion
Sales strategies

Selling techniques

Effective customer service techniques

Managing client relationships

Foundations & Principles of Marketing
Team Building & Formation exercises

Team Leadership & Supervision

Leading Self-managed Teams

Reducing & Resolving Team Conflicts

Inspiring Teamwork & Collaboration

Leading Project Team Meetings
Effective Teaching & Training Methods

How to Coach & Mentor Employees

How to Assess, Measure & Evaluate Training Programs

Using Self-directed Learning Skills to Increase & Improve Your Abilities
Developing Practical Taxonomies

How to Plan/Conduct Knowledge Valuations & Knowledge Management Strategies

Knowledge Engineering Principles & Concepts

Information/Knowledge Mapping & Modeling Techniques
How to Design, Assess, Engineer & Manage
  • Business processes
  • Workflows
  • Supply Chains
  • New Technology Implementations
  • Technology Migrations & Upgrades
  • Product Development Projects
  • New Project & Business Development Proposals
Analyze Organizational Behaviors

Principles & Frameworks of Organizational Development

Building Effective External Networks

Establishing Robust Internal Networks

Leading Total Quality Initiatives in a Production Environment

Leading Service-Quality Improvements in Knowledge Organizations
Guidelines & Concepts for Human Capital Improvement Programs

Leading A Human Capital Development Campaign

Assessing & Evaluating Your Human Capital Assets

Leading Organizational Strategic (Re-)Alignments

Essentials for Aligning HR & IT Groups to the Organization's Strategy
Designing Effective Research Projects

Competitive Intelligence Data-gathering Strategies & Methods

Profitable Marketing Research Techniques

How to Perform Literature Reviews

Cost-Effective Internet Research Tools and Methods

Boost Your Reading Speed & Improve Your Comprehension
Leading the Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Leading the Non-Profit Organization

Implementing & Leading a Sustainable Development Campaign

Leading Major Organizational Change & Transformation Programs

Understanding & Leading Organizational Ecosystems through Evolutions
Creative Leadership Techniques

Innovative Leadership Strategies

Conducting & Leading Effective Brainstorming Sessions

Creating Powerful Vision, Charter & Mission Statements

Leading New Technology & Product Innovation Initiatives

Create & Promote a Company Culture of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Develop & Apply Your Knowledge of the Concepts, Objectives & Practice of
  • tactics & tactical planning  
  • competitive strategies
  • strategic leadership
  • strategic mind-sets
  • value-based strategy
  • strategic planning processes
  • strategic planning workshops
  • strategic planning training  
  • strategic implementation
  • strategic management  
  • swot analysis
  • strategic execution
Practice & Master the 21 Dynamic Activities of Effective Leadership

Optimize Your Resources, Maximize Your Contributions & Prioritize Your Focus Like Successful Executives Do

Use the 3 Imperatives of Managing for Results to Keep Project Deliverables On-Time, On-Target & On-Budget

Develop Your Foundation of Strength using Your Values, Attitude & Purpose

Unleash the Awesome Power Source of Wisdom, Knowledge & Guidance
Learn How to Apply the Seven Critical Priority Areas of Today's Leadership Agenda to Enrich Your Organization

Employ Leadership Work Patterns To Evaluate, Energize & Encourage Your People to Higher Levels of Performance

How to Use the Mechanics, Systems & Channels of Leadership Energy to Boost Productive Capacities in Organizations

Adopting the Correct Leadership Style to Inspire, Coach, Direct or Educate

Align Organizational Values with those of Employees, Clients & Suppliers

In a word, we designed the Awesome Leaders Club to...
  • Communicate with you - using web & audio conferences; text & video chat rooms; discussion forums; video & audio programs podcasting, and video blogs & text blogs
  • Entertain and maintain your interest - through video & audio tutorials; video & audio interivews; video & audio programs [using web-based & online TV or Radio shows & Infomercial formats]
  • Educate you and develop your competence - by providing you with web-based & phone seminars [webinars], workshops, tutoring, mentoring and  coaching sessions, using downloadable books, papers, reports, bulletins, manuals and action guides, and online symposiums & conferences
  • Perform Research, conduct Surveys and Publish results - in global trends or emerging patterns, best practices, news summaries & case studies, literature reviews, about  markets or industry niches, buyer & consumer preferences, new products & services offerings or developments,
How Does This Program Work?

Every time you login to your Members' site you will discover new informative articles, bulletins, reports and updates on emerging trends, the latest news and developments and lterature reviews, plus every week you will download the Club's free books, our recently released tools and training materials along with extra-special bargins on package offers especially designed for today's knowledge professionals, managers, entrepreneurs and executive leaders in these 10 critical areas;

  1. Leadership, Governance, Management & Supervision
  2. Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Creativity & Marketing
  3. Knowledge Technologies, Computers & Software Applications
  4. Self-Improvement & Personal Leadership
  5. World Political, Environmental & Cultural Issues
  6. Financial, Investments, Legal & Consumer Resources
  7. Health, Nutrition, Medical & Fitness
  8. Relationships, Lifestyles, Family and Entertainment/Leisure
  9. Career & Professional Development Advice
  10. Spiritual Matters & Faith/Beliefs

When you access the Club's web-based Answer Center Sections, you'll have an opportunity to:

  • Join live Chat Room [group & private Coaching Clinic] sessions and lively Community Discussion Forums - link-up with your peers in other organizations and professions, share experiences and get hours of online support & expertise every week
  • Read special feature articles, white papers, eBooks, audio/video Tutorials, research Reports and executive Briefings - to expand and strengthen your knowledge and support you as you lead, manage and direct your organization's activities
  • Listen to informative online broadcasts - you get up-to-the-minute news and our special alerts
  • Enroll in our live or recorded Webinars and interactive Workshops - to help you learn and acquire specific skills and best leadership practices you need to grow
  • Save your precious time and energy by working in our exclusive Leadership Performance Empowerment Resource Center [PERC] - which contains software, resources, repository of letter, legal/corporate, website & PDF/Word templates, task and time management tools, calendar event scheduling features and assignment tracking programs, simple-to-use database forms for executive or professional users and full-featured network of online office programs and your private email services

Choose From Three Levels of Membership

  • Silver Subscribers - Monthly Access to any 2 Scheduled or recorded Webinars, 2 eBook downloads, 2 Open Group Coaching Clinics, 2 online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, and get a 25% discount on all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops and get access to PERC facilities for $15
  • Gold Subscribers - Monthly Access to any 4 Scheduled or recorded Webinars, 4 eBook downloads, ALL Open Group Coaching Clinics, 2-15 minute phone or chat Private Coaching sessions, 4-5 online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, and get a 50% or more discount on all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops and you get access to ALL PERC facilities for $7
  • Platinum Subscribers - Monthly Access to ALL Scheduled or recorded Webinars, ALL eBook downloads,  ALL Open Group Coaching Clinics, ALL online Broadcasts of news/alerts, all Discussion Forums, all feature articles, FREE access to ALL PERC facilities, you get up to 5 weekly free 15-minute phone, web or chat one-on-one Private Coaching sessions and Platinum Subscribers enjoy a 75+% discount or pay only $1 or $2 for some of these items or in some cases you will get FREE access to all papers, special eBooks or Tools, Tutorials, Reports, Briefings, Workshops

When Can You Join?

On November 1, 2007, when we officially launched the Awesome Leaders Club service - we decided to entice, encourage and reward our Premier (1st year) Subscribers with these outstanding trial offers

- $39.95 for a 30-day Silver Subscriber trial; (You Save $10)
- $69 for a 30-day Gold Subscriber trial (Save a Cool $10)
- $97 for a 30-day Platinum Subscriber trial (A Savings of $52!)

and if you choose to continue your Membership, your monthly subscription will be $49.95 for Silver Subscribers, $79 for Gold Subscribers and only $149 for Platinum Subscribers

How Often Do You Find Yourself Saying: "I Wish I Knew How To Discover, Use, Practice And Master The Legendary Skills Of Awesome Leaders"? - Well Now, It's All Up To You!

If you want to be that envisioning, creative, flexible leader who exhibits a positive "can-do" mental attitude, who works in a spirit of harmony with others, and who also strives to help people become competent, highly effective assets and quality-focused contributors to your organization's success, then The Awesome-Leaders Club is the right choice for you.

Become the leader that you always dreamed and knew you could be - it's up to you, so act now and grow rich, today!

Decide Today - use our unique leadership training system to develop, elevate, empower & transform yourself into the "awesome leader" you were meant to be!

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Awesome Leader Club!
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The Leadership-Edge

P.S. The Awesome-Leaders Club is a set of  tools which employ proven training techniques so that you can use the 'toolkit' as your personal treasure chest for continuous growth and enhancement for your leadership training needs.

Now you have a 'virtual' educational resource to help you ascend from basic to intermediate to advanced to the highest plateau of leadership skills development.

Previously, leadership skills, strategy or behavioral education involved a costly, slow, and impractical process.

Now, you can learn, nurture and empower your leadership talents at your own pace - and then practice each concept in your 'real-life' situations, challenges or events, too.

So, decide now, you have nothing to lose with our "iron-clad" guarantee, your $$$ worth of great educational materials, tools and programs [valued at $15000+] and low price of just a daily cup of coffee.

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Google News Feeds - Leadership Training

Coaching, leadership training can help med students avoid burnout  STAT

The coaching relationship emphasizes the soft skills involved in medicine — empathy, effective communication, time management, and a positive outlook.

Third Olivet College Cultivating Women Leaders Event Provides Critical Leadership Training  WSYM-TV

Today, Olivet College held the third annual Cultivating Women Leaders event, Together We Rise, designed to help middle school girls to female business ...

Leadership Long Beach Celebrates 30 Years Of Civic Engagement  Long Beach Business Journal - Long Beach News

Leadership Long Beach (LLB), a nonprofit organization dedicated to civic engagement, is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Since its founding in 1989, ...

ASA Corteva Young Leaders explore issues, participates in leadership training  Ohio's Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net

Adam Vance, from Hillsboro, was part of the 35th class of American Soybean Association (ASA) Corteva Agriscience Young Leaders to complete their training, ...

Staffing models are helping DHS finally answer basic questions about its workforce  Federal News Network

Ask a civilian agency how many people it has working on a particular mission and its top leadership may or may not be able to answer. Veterans Affairs ...

ASA Corteva Young Leaders explore issues, participate in leadership training  High Plains Journal

The 35th class of American Soybean Association Corteva Agriscience Young Leaders recently completed their training in Orlando, Florida.

Class of 2019  Yale News

An open data innovator from China, a Nigerian Olympian and sports advocate, and a Chilean National Geographic environmental activist are among the 16 ...

Resurgens doctor graduates from American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Leadership Fellows Program

Atlanta-based Resurgens Orthopaedics, which has offices in Cobb County, announced that orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Gary W. Stewart has graduated from the ...

Creating a successful leadership development programme  Training Journal

Libby Webb talks leadership development programmes for TJ.

BCC business students qualify for National Leadership Conference  Tusco TV

New Philadelphia, Ohio – A group of Buckeye Career Center students will be heading to California this spring to represent their Business Professionals of ...

Five Ways to Develop Your Staff into the Automotive Industry's Future Leaders

The numbers show that creating a succession plan or a strategy for helping your other employees step into future leadership benefits everyone.

Denny's turns to tech, Magic Johnson for new leadership training program  Restaurant Dive

Denny's has launched a Breakthrough Leadership Training and Development Program with the help of Earvin "Magic" Johnson, according to a press release.

Leadership academy for minorities offers richer connection with community  The Topeka Capital-Journal

LeTiffany Obozele says she got thousands of dollars worth of value out of the $100 she paid to take part in last year's inaugural class in the Strategic Leadership ...

Obama Foundation Picks Hartford For Leadership Training Initiative  WNPR News

The Obama Foundation is recruiting 100 young people in Hartford to be part of a six-month training program to develop the next wave of community leaders in.

She's the First tackles gender inequality in education through scholarships and leadership training  The Daily Collegian Online

A girl with an education is unstoppable. That's the opening phrase of She's the First's website. The national organization fights against gender inequality with its ...

The Trouble With Leadership Development  Fortune

It's not that we don't know what works, it's that the people who need the training don't want to take it.

People on the move: 3/24/2019  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Architecture. Pieper O'Brien Herr Architects promoted David E. Howell to associate principal. Banking. Advertisement. Farmers National Bank of Emlenton hired ...

Start training accounting firm leaders from Day One  Accounting Today

One of the biggest conversations taking place in accounting firms is around the topic of leadership. Where are the next generation of leaders who will carry the ...

What’s Going On: Gardening class in Potsdam, leadership training in Potsdam, Ogdensburg history speaker in Canton  North Country Now

POTSDAM: Strengths Based Leadership is the topic of a new training series hosted by the St. Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, 5-7 p.m., at Hospice ...

Architect Flowers becomes youngest Gassner Award recipient  The Daily Memphian

The grandest design of architect Josh Flowers has been to create effective ways to prepare young, emerging architects to make a positive difference in their ...

Denny's Forms New Partnership with Magic Johnson for its Breakthrough Leadership Training and Development Programs

Denny's Corporation (NASDAQ: DENN), one of the world's largest full- *service* family dining chains, today announced a partnership with Earvin.

Report Highlights Link Between Employee Engagement and Patient Care at VA Facilities

A recent report from the Partnership for Public *Service* found that as employee engagement improved at VA medical centers, so too did facility performance.

The components of effective tactical team leadership  Police News

A tactical team leader must master the administrative, training and tactical needs of a SWAT team in order to excel.

Commissioner Atkinson completes leadership training  The Wilson Times

Wilson County Commissioner Leslie Atkinson recently completed the Advanced Leadership Corps training offered annually to county and municipal elected ...

An interview with a UCR Engineering parent, Bert Poole  UC Riverside

Bert Poole served as a guest judge for Citrus Hack at the Marlan and Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering. Citrus Hack is a 36-hour, student organized ...

Inslee visits Portland training center on campaign stop  Lexington Herald Leader

The governor of Washington toured a labor union training center in Oregon as part of his campaign for president.

Police leadership suspended for faking training documents  WSMV Nashville

The leadership of the police department have been suspended without pay for faking training documents, according to a news release.

iQor Named #1 in Customer Service Leadership Training at 2019 LEAD Awards  Business Wire

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--iQor, a managed services provider of customer engagement and technology-enabled BPO solutions today ...

Middletown baseball team receives leadership/physical training from Marines  Frederick News Post

Teamwork, leadership and integrity were the key lessons the varsity baseball team at Middletown High School took away from the team's Knights Crusade, ...

Reserve Officer Training Corps Provides Leadership Experience  Chargerbulletin

To members of ROTC, community *service* is only one part of the leadership training that they are exposed to.

Training for the cities - Orange Leader  Orange Leader

Nearly eighty municipal employees from the cities of Vidor, Orange, Pinehurst, and West Orange participated in customer *service* training on Wednesday, March ...

Boeing's 737 MAX Crisis Is A Leadership Issue  Forbes

Just over a week ago Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 crashed, killing all 157 people on board. Ever since, the makers of the 737 MAX aircraft, Boeing, have slowly ...

Ethiopian Airlines says pilots got appropriate training  Lexington Herald Leader

Ethiopian Airlines' CEO says the pilots who flew the plane that crashed on March 10 had trained on "all appropriate simulators," rejecting reports that they had ...

Army Reserve leaders test their Battle Assembly skills at "How to BA Day"  United States Army

FORT SHAFTER FLATS, Hawaii - Taking the new Army Combat Fitness Test, changing a tire on a HMWVV, and loading Army vehicles onto a Globemaster C-17 ...

Lead facilitator of Anchorage youth leadership program to retire after 22 years  Alaska Public Radio Network

Kids in school learn the basics — math, reading and science. For 22 years, the Points of Light Youth Leadership Institute, or PYLI, has worked to add in another ...

Leadership and staff of the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and Lutheran Senior Services  St. Louis American

The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and Lutheran Senior Services were certified to offer federally a recognized paid apprenticeship program for the ...

Removing barriers to leadership for women of color  WXXI News

The CEO of a Rochester-based leadership training and development firm says structural racism is shutting women of color out of nonprofit leadership roles.

Dale Carnegie Selected as a Top 20 Leadership Training Company

Dale Carnegie, the company known for setting the standard in transformative professional leadership training for individuals and organizations, announced that ...

sports Jameson Taillon embraces role as Pirates' leader  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

If you spend any time around the Pirates clubhouse it isn't a secret that Jameson Taillon is a leader on and off the field. Taillon started 32 games last season and ...

“An Inconvenient Sequel” to talk climate change with Sustainable Film Series  Vail Daily News

From extreme hurricanes and flooding, droughts and wildfires, to the increased spread of the Zika virus, climate change is impacting the world around us and it's ...

Inslee Visits Portland Electrical Workers Union To Talk Green Jobs  KUOW News and Information

Presidential hopeful and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee toured the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 48's training center Saturday as ...

How to dramatically improve leadership performance  Training Journal

Claire Dale provides insight on improving leadership performance in business.

Yatharth Marketing Solutions offer Best Leadership Training Programs for Corporate Companies  Inventiva

Leaders are the deciding factor of the generating to come, they are responsible for the future. We are on the cusp of business brilliance. Globally, the most ...

Siemens US CEO Barbara Humpton on skills training and leadership  Business Insider

Barbara Humpton is the CEO of the US subsidiary of Siemens, the large German engineering conglomerate that is developing both the technologies changing ...

Patrick Walsh on leadership: Understand personalities and help your people to grow

Patrick Walsh moved from Orlando to start a company and said he's been amazed at the entrepreneurship, innovation, and resources around Upstate. Walsh ...

SA Senate demands mandatory Title IX training for student leaders  GW Hatchet

The SA Senate approved a resolution Monday urging the CSE to require all student organizations to undergo Title IX training.

Broadmoor Bluffs resident, local teacher plans Global Leaders trip for local teens to Guatemala  Colorado Springs Gazette

Mel Johnson is passionate about the Global Leaders program.

Is Your Workplace A Joke? A Comedy Club Might Help  Forbes

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The American Farm Bureau Federation recently honored 10 outstanding young farm and ranch leaders as graduates of the organization's ninth Partners in ...

Status Update: Executive shuffle at Mazda North America ahead of Alabama expansion  OCRegister

Mazda North American Operations has expanded the role of its chief executive and shuffled two key executives as it readies for an Alabama expansion.

One Year After Arrest Controversy, Starbucks Exec. Says Diversity Efforts are Succeeding  Cheddar

By Spencer Feingold. Nearly a year after more than 8,000 Starbucks closed for an afternoon so employees could participate in a racial bias workshop, the ...

Light Armored Reconnaissance is hurting for leaders. Here's what the Corps is doing about it.  Marine Corps Times

The Corps' Light Armored Reconnaissance, or LAR, units are tasked with providing surveillance ahead of infantry landings in one of the Corps' oldest light ...

Litigation Leaders: Kirkland's Mark Filip on Lateral Hiring, 'Perry Mason' Moments and Training the Next Generation | Litigation Daily | The American Lawyer

Welcome to the second installment of our occasional feature profiling the lawyers who lead the Am Law 200's premier litigation departments. Kirkland & Ellis ...

Canadian aids Tanzanian disciple-making  Mennonite World Review

SHIRATI, Tanzania — Fifty Tanzanian Mennonite leaders, guided by Palmer Becker, a Canadian Mennonite author and teacher, studied spiritual leadership, ...

Lieutenants, appearing soon at an Army basic training platoon near you

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The Dalai Lama's Advice for Leaders Today  Forbes

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TTA Named to Training Industry Inc's 2019 Leadership Training Companies Watch List  Business Wire

WESTBOROUGH, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Training Associates Corporation, an award-winning leading provider of learning and development talent and ...

SFC: Garden Leadership Training (2-Part Training)  Austin Monthly

This event occurs daily, every 1 day(s). Description. This 2-part Sustainable Food Center training is for teachers, parents, and community members interested in ...

'King Of Restaurants' David Novak Shares His Best Leadership Advice  Forbes

David Novak is the King of Restaurants. His résumé reads like every business school student's dream. He's the visionary who scaled KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco ...

Lansing student athletes attend leadership conference

Lansing Central School District students Catie Eisenhut, Morgan Boerman, Joey Besemer and Matt Weil attended the Second Annual Student-Athlete ...

IU hosting Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders  IU Newsroom

Indiana University has been selected for the fourth consecutive year as an Institute Partner to host the 2019 Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African ...

State to adopt Gwinnett’s model for developing school principals  Atlanta Journal Constitution

Gov. Kemp taps Gwinnett program to grow school principals within state.

Living Sustainably: Kids can learn to be sustainability leaders

We need to have a vision of the world we want to create so that we can see ourselves as collaborators with future generations in the project of shaping it.

Colleges must develop interdisciplinary training for future technology and public policy leaders (opinion)  Inside Higher Ed

Higher education must give the next generation of technology and policy leaders the interdisciplinary training they need to succeed, write Anne-Marie Slaughter, ...

Senators vote to require training for resource officers  Lexington Herald Leader

Police officers working in Nebraska schools would have to undergo at least 20 hours of special training under a bill advanced by lawmakers.

Andrew Bowles: Row as Tory council leader's suspension is lifted  BBC News

Andrew Bowles was suspended two weeks ago after sharing a message hailing Tommy Robinson as a patriot.

Army Reserve leaders test their battle assembly skills at 'How to BA Day'  Hawaii Army Weekly

FORT SHAFTER FLATS, Hawaii – Taking the new Army Combat Fitness Test, changing a tire on a HMWVV, and loading Army vehicles onto a Globemaster ...

Ward completes basic training  Rochelle News Leader

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — U.S. Air Force Airman Elijah R. Ward graduated from basic military training at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, San Antonio, Texas.

Army Reserve leaders test their Battle Assembly skills at “How to BA Day”  DVIDS

FORT SHAFTER FLATS, Hawaii – Taking the new Army Combat Fitness Test, changing a tire on a HMWVV, and loading Army vehicles onto a Globemaster ...

Maritime Companies Gain Better Leaders Through AEU - The Waterways Journal  The Waterways Journal

The American Equity Underwriters Inc. (AEU) is the program administrator for the American Longshore Mutual Association and a leading provider of United ...

Nonpartisan group teaches 'new Americans' how to be public leaders KUSA

DENVER — Just because everyone in the room is relatively new to this country doesn't mean they can't learn to be involved in politics, according to Chris Garcia ...

Ethiopian Airlines chief questions Max training requirements  Lexington Herald Leader

The chief executive of Ethiopian Airlines says the warning and training requirements set for the Max planes 'might not have been enough'.

Doctors, EMS Leaders Call for Changes to Rhode Island’s 911 System  ProPublica

At a legislative hearing, witnesses decried the lack of CPR instructions provided by call takers at the state's 911 center. Meanwhile, the State Police ...

FREE John Maxwell Leadership Training in Los Angeles Area  Fast News Media

(FastNewsMedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Mar 18, 2019 ( – Los Angeles area businesses and organizations effective April 1 for a period of two ...

Spring training in review: 5 good, 5 bad things about the White Sox  Chicago Sun-Times

Missing on Manny Machado was bad. Signing Eloy Jimenez to a long-term deal was good. All in all, spring training was a mixed bag for the White Sox.

American Management Association (AMA) Named to 2019 Training Industry's Top 20 Leadership Training Companies List  PRNewswire

NEW YORK, March 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Training Industry has announced that American Management Association (AMA) has been named among its ...

How Mentally Tough Leaders Use Stress To Succeed  Forbes

Stress and anxiety can be great tools if you know how to use them. If you choose to use them. With all the medical attention on the negative impacts of stress, ...

WISH, HMC host leadership training course for Qatari nurses  MENAFN.COM

(MENAFN - Gulf Times) The World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH), an initiative of Qatar Foundation (QF), has held a training programme to help Qatari ...

Rotary leaders complete training | Community Life - Brunswick News  Brunswick News

Submitted by Molly Duckworth. Rotary of the Golden Isles president-elect Jay Torbert recently attended the Rotary President Elect Training Seminar (PETS) in ...

ValueSelling's Chad Sanderson Recognized as Emerging Training Leader and Social Selling Expert  GlobeNewswire

Host of The B2B Executive Revenue Experience Podcast Gains Accolades from Training Magazine and The Stevie Awards. RANCHO SANTE FE, Calif., March ...

Holloman leadership select “Shark Tank” winners  Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE BASE, N.M. -- Airmen from units across base came together to pitch their innovative ideas to base leadership, ranging from squadron ...

Cyclone manager climbs Mets' leadership ladder  Brooklyn Reporter

“I'm having a blast,” said an enthusiastic 74-year-old Rich Donnelly during an on-field interview referring to his new position as the head of the New York Mets' ...

Three Steps To Hiring And Promoting Strong Leaders  Forbes

There's a huge difference between leadership and management. Most organizations do a great job of modeling and creating managers. Modeling leadership ...

PAL announces finalists for Leader of the Year awards  The Daily Courier

Prescott Area Leadership (PAL) has released the list of 12 finalists for its 2019 Leader of the Year Awards. While all have made impressive contributions to the ...

Pacific islands' officials wrap up leadership training | PNC News First  Pacific News Center

Guam- Island officials' newly acquired policy advocacy skills were put to the test as they wrapped up the third session of leadership development training in Yap.

Welcome to ‘holistic’ spring training: Meditation, yoga and 30-foot pitchers  The Washington Post

"Not only do we feel it's a competitive advantage," the Seattle Mariners' general manager said of new-age training, "but we think it's the right thing to do.”

Students train to be better leaders  The Lion's Roar Newspaper

High school students from across the state of Louisiana received leadership training from presenters and university alumni at the second annual “EvolveU” ...

Celebrating women leaders in science and health  World Health Organization

On International Women's Day, we celebrate all the women who have had a pioneering role in advancing science and health. One of the best known was ...

Military Training Leaders: guiding future Airmen  Maxwell-Gunter Air Force Base

Military training leaders, the first link in the chain of command for Airmen in technical training, are responsible for shaping the future of the Air Force through ...

Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti stripped of leadership post over use of racial slur  The Washington Post

A Maryland lawmaker who witnesses say used a racial slur to describe a legislative district in Prince George's County has been stripped of her leadership ...

'Now we're in charge': Dems freeze out GOP on bipartisan bills  POLITICO

During the past two sessions of Congress, Democrat Bobby Rush and Republican Richard Hudson introduced legislation together to improve workforce-training ...

Mali leader sacks generals, disbands vigilantes after massacre  East Bay Times

By Fadima Kontao | Reuters. BAMAKO, Mali — Mali President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita sacked and replaced two generals and disbanded an anti-jihadi vigilante ...

Ecobank Academy Rolls out IFRC Sustainable Leadership training  News Ghana

Ecobank Academy will train 150 senior leaders of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) from 45 African countries to ...

What matters more in leadership: EQ or IQ?  Training Journal

Successful leadership requires strong emotional intelligence (EQ), but how should this measure up with IQ? Samantha Caine explores the link between EQ and ...

Katy-area leaders eye better jail diversion programs  Community Impact Newspaper

Mar 25, 2019: County jails in the Katy area are among the biggest mental health care providers, and local entities are working on diversion programs.

Correction: Army Base-Training Exercises story  Lexington Herald Leader

In a story March 23 about upcoming training at a base in Alaska, The Associated Press reported erroneously that the program is for soldiers. The training is for ...


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