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  leading teams, groups and organizations

3 Action Strategies for Mastering the 9 "C's" of Leadership!

Executive superstar, Lee Iacocca, former CEO & Chairman of Chrysler and Senior Executive at Ford Motor Co., lists 9 essential attributes of great leadership. Lee says you only need 2-3 of these traits to achieve greatness.

This Seminar shows you 3 reliable ways you can develop, strengthen and perfect your Courage, Curiousity, Character, Competence, Creativity, Conviction, Charisma, Common Sense or Communication.

Each of these 3 action strategies will help you practice greatness in all your leadership roles and duties. 

strategic planning, tactical, operational management

Making Effective Strategic, Tactical & Operational Leadership Decisions!

Do Strategic alignments, Tactical evolutions, Operational imperatives and making the right leadership decisions have you feeling confused or frustrated? 

This Seminar clears away the smoke and empowers you to quickly and accurately identify, analyze and develop long-term solutions for any strategic, tactical or operational problem, situation, issue or challenge facing your organization. 

You'll learn about the concepts, principles, processes and practices of strategic, tactical and operational leadership. 

coaching and mentoring employees, improving performance, consulting for worker commitment

Coaching Strategies and Techniques to Improve Performance & Strengthen Employee Commitment!

These practical strategies, methods and processes will help you guide employees away from unproductive behaviors and enable them to desire making more positive contributions in their work performances. 

You will apply highly effective management and leadership practices to define a crystal-clear focus, contextual meaning and reasons for commitment for each employee. You'll learn how to avoid the mental and emotional stress found in many inefficient & under-performing organizations. 

This Seminar will provide you with fast, reliable ways you can use to improve your coaching, counsel- ing, mentoring and consulting skills

strategic planning, business or organizational strategy

Constructing  Purpose-driven, Competitive & Truly Creative Strategic Plans - To Engage, Empower, Encourage Your Entire Organization!

Borrowing concepts and practices from our own powerful workshop and books on  "Creating Break- through Strategic Plans", you'll see how the moving parts and goals of effective strategic plan- ning work together to create completely aligned, focused & profitable organizations.  

This Semianr is designed to show you how to define compelling purposes and objectives, discover contexts and environments, develop your human and capital resources to build, implement and manage a realistic strategic plan. 

You'll use this group-driven process to construct and supervise your strategic plans, conduct employee training and performance reviews while you improve your market standings.

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